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Analysis of the use of stainless steel shot and its advantages?

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Analysis of the use of stainless steel shot and its advantages?

The application of stainless steel shot is very extensive, which is undoubtedly inseparable from its own advantages. Now, let's summarize the use of stainless steel shot and its advantages? If you are also interested in this topic, please read it with the editor. I hope you can bring some better help when choosing.

The stainless steel shot has moderate hardness, pure composition and large coverage; No defects such as air hole and special shape of ordinary cast steel shot, and longer service life; In addition, the performance of this stainless steel pill can completely replace the imported products, and the price is far lower than the imported products, saving costs for customers. The consumption of 1kg stainless steel shot is equivalent to the consumption of 17kg silicon carbide and 100kg glass bead; Equivalent to consumption of 4kg ordinary steel ball; Equivalent to 3 kg aluminum and zinc flakes; The surface of the castings treated with stainless steel shot is smooth without rust, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is conducive to environmental protection. There are also two different shapes of products to choose from, pre projection and non pre projection. At present, its production methods can be divided into two categories. At present, the accepted method is smelting and atomization cooling, and the alternative method is cutting and rounding stainless steel wire. This is a regular manufacturer. Those who want to order this product may as well come here to choose. I believe I won't let you down. The price here is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. And there are many types of products, and there is always one that suits you. Welcome to purchase.

Stainless steel shot is widely used for surface shot blasting, sand blasting, shot blasting, finishing, strengthening, matting, correction, paint stripping, paint stripping and other corrosion, to make the metal surface smooth and clean without rust and obtain matt effect. Of course, it is also applicable to large, medium and small castings: clean the surface oxides with good cleanliness and roughness for subsequent processing and coating. The steel plate shall be pretreated to remove impurities such as scale and rust. Or it can be seen in construction machinery. In fact, stainless steel shot is now used to remove rust, welding slag, oxide skin, remove welding stress, increase the adhesion of antirust coating to metal substrate, and improve the antirust quality. Steel plates of different materials need to use different abrasives and particle sizes. Cleaning of steel structure, H-shaped steel, C-shaped steel and angle steel. With stainless steel shot, the corrosion resistance can also be improved to achieve the required derusting level and scoring depth. Stainless steel shot is used to strengthen spiral spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, gear, transmission components, bearings, camshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod and other key parts. As the main product of our factory, we thank new and old customers for their strong support. While ensuring the reliability of product quality, we also benefit our customers. If you have any technical questions about the product, you can come here at any time.

The above article is about the use and advantages of stainless steel pills for all friends. It also shares a good manufacturer of stainless steel pills. If you have a need in this regard, you can check it. I hope it can help you.

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