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Different types of atomized stainless steel shot have different application ranges

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Different types of atomized stainless steel shot have different application ranges

The surface of atomized stainless steel shot aluminum zinc die casting is polished, and the surface of aluminum sand die casting is cleaned. Artificial marble surface spray processing. Atomized stainless steel shot aluminum and zinc die castings, precision casting surface cleaning, special coating before surface roughness treatment, aluminum profile removal surface extrusion line fine spraying, copper and aluminum pipe surface fine spraying, stainless steel containers and valves fine spraying. Cleaning and finishing of large die castings such as atomized stainless steel shot high alloy steel casting surface oxide skin, aluminum alloy engine block, marble surface effect treatment and anti-skid treatment.

Atomized stainless steel shot cleaning cold casting tool, chrome plating die for tire forging, automobile engine supercharger pump cover renovation, starter precision gear and spring strengthening, stainless steel container surface spraying treatment. In addition, some steel wire cutting shot blasting has been used in sand blasting and rust removal stone manufacturers, which has shown that the consumption is too high, the dust is too much, and the labor intensity of workers is high. Our company also launched a special reinforced steel shot blasting for stone, which has a significantly higher sand production area than ordinary steel wire cutting shot blasting, and the dust is very small, so the effect of dust removal by workers is also significantly reduced. In the future, we will make targeted optimization, customize special reinforcement materials, On the basis of less cost increase, the sandblasting area is significantly increased, which greatly improves the cost performance of actual use.

The atomized stainless steel shot adopts the sand blasting technology to treat the stone, which greatly improves the production efficiency compared with the traditional process. Each index of the sand blasting stone is superior to the traditional process, and the treated products have greatly improved in variety, quality, grade and texture, which makes them competitive in the market. Its birth has filled in the problems of stone surface rust and low production efficiency that cannot be overcome by traditional technology. It is a breakthrough in stone surface technology instead of traditional technology. It is a new type of advanced stone surface treatment technology and equipment, which can be used to process granite, marble, sandstone, slate and other rocks. It has broad application prospects in the stone field.

After the installation and commissioning of the atomized stainless steel shot equipment, it must be maintained in strict accordance with the necessary maintenance procedures when it is put into production. All oil points of the equipment must be filled with oil, lubricating oil or grease on time according to the requirements of its components. Seals (wearing parts) must be checked every day and replaced immediately if damaged. Check the protective plate of the room every day and replace it immediately if it is damaged. The guard plate, blade, impeller, guide sleeve and indexing wheel of shot blasting machine shall be inspected twice per shift. If damaged, replace it immediately. As an intermediate link or process in the manufacturing process of steel shot mold, cracks, deformation and function out of tolerance caused by heat treatment will lead to die scrapping in most cases. Even though it can still be inherited and used through maintenance, it will also increase the working time, extend the delivery time and increase the manufacturing cost of the mold. Spraying is to use compressed air as power to spray sand or granular materials onto the surface of materials to achieve clearance and certain roughness.

We have been researching and developing special steel shot/steel sand for stone, providing stainless steel sand/steel bar sand meeting various requirements for stone manufacturers, helping them stabilize product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Welcome friends in the industry to consult and discuss cooperation.

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