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Explain the production process of stainless steel shot in detail

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Explain the production process of stainless steel shot in detail

Stainless steel shot is usually called stainless steel wire cutting shot. It is then refined by wire drawing, cutting, rounding and other processes. The appearance is bright and rust free, in the shape of a bead (chamfered, cylindrical). Now let's talk about the production process of this stainless steel pill? If you are interested, you can learn about it.

The stainless steel shot has moderate hardness, pure composition and wide coverage. Since there is no defect of ordinary cast steel shot (such as air hole and special shape), the service life is longer. The performance of this product can completely replace imported products, and you will find that its price is significantly lower than that of imported products. Save costs for customers. After the stainless steel shot is treated, the surface of the casting is smooth without rust, without post-treatment such as pickling, which is beneficial to environmental protection. Nowadays, as a kind of easy surface material, stainless steel shot is in great demand in the industry. In the past few years, the suppliers of stainless steel pills were mainly domestic agents of foreign stainless steel pills. With the increase of domestic stainless steel pill manufacturers, the price actually decreased year by year, the scope of use continued to expand, and the amount of use increased year by year. When the stainless steel liquid is at high temperature, if it is atomized into droplets, the surface area will immediately increase innumerable times due to high temperature, so it will quickly oxidize and discolor, just as we usually do in steel casting. In order to prevent oxidation of stainless steel liquid, oxygen isolation measures must be taken during granulation. Of course, there are two main measures. One is to use inert gas for atomization, and the other is to use nitrogen for atomization economically. For large steel casting shot manufacturers, there must be oxygen production equipment, and nitrogen production is also very troublesome. If the company does not have nitrogen production equipment, it is OK to purchase bottled nitrogen for atomization.

Stainless steel shot is mainly used to melt high-quality molten steel, and then spray with a high-pressure water jet gun to make the molten steel become steel shot. Reheat the formed steel shot to uniform and then quench it. The quenched steel shot is dried in the furnace, after which it is heated and tempered to achieve proper hardness. Tempered steel shot shall be screened through mechanical screen to meet the standards for SEA stainless steel shot equipment. Products with different grain sizes and hardness can be used in different processes, such as deoxidization and surface strengthening of steel. When adding new steel shot, please follow the principle of adding a small amount frequently. This stainless steel shot is made of selected raw scrap steel, added with rare metals and alloys in proportion, and then smelted by electric furnace. As you can see, it is actually produced with modern equipment after many times of electrothermal treatment and automatic screening. For steel shot. The chemical composition and particle size of liquid metal forming steel particles are strictly controlled to ensure that their mechanical properties are suitable for various applications. But you will find that in fact, every production link has strict quality management. The produced stainless steel shot has a compact internal structure, of course, it is not easy to break, the particle size distribution is uniform, the hardness is moderate, the impact resistance is strong, and the service life is long.

The above article is about the production process of stainless steel pills. If you don't understand it, please come and have a look. I have said so much about this aspect of knowledge. I hope it can help you.


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