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Function introduction of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

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Function introduction of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

Function introduction of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

The stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine is to reform and innovate the shortcomings and defects of the traditional grinding machine, so that the holes, dead corners, and small cracks of precision metal workpieces can be polished and deburred better. The magnetic force is transmitted to the stainless steel grinding needle to make the workpiece rotate at high frequency; Precision workpieces can quickly remove burrs and dirt.

Use of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine: deburring, precision grinding; Grinding and cleaning work in gold industry; Surface polishing treatment; Remove the oxide film; Derusting treatment; Sintering trace treatment.

Scope of application: precision stamping parts; Stainless steel parts and screws; Magnesium aluminum die castings; Zinc aluminum die castings; Precision spring, spring piece parts; Electronic, computer and communication components; Core, cutter, CNC automatic lathe parts; Aerospace and medical components; It is suitable for grinding and polishing metal and non-metal parts such as hard plastics such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, iron, stainless steel, etc. Such as gold and silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, metal parts of electronic products, precision bolts, metal parts with complex shapes, stationery accessories, instrument accessories, etc.

Stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine uses magic magnetic field jump power to transmit to stainless steel needle, grinding needle and abrasive; High frequency rotary flow, vibration and backup roll trap the workpiece, cross the workpiece surface, and friction between the inner hole, internal and external teeth of the workpiece and the surface, concave and convex surfaces at the early stage, so as to achieve the precision polishing effect of cleaning, removing grease impurities, burrs, grinding, etc.

Function introduction of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine:

1. Frequency modulation: users can adjust the running speed of the polishing machine according to the size of their workpieces. Batch polishing is better.

2. Positive and negative control: users can set how long the workpiece is polished in the positive direction and reverse direction according to their own needs to improve the polishing efficiency.

3. Timed shutdown: depending on the size and material of the workpiece, the user can set the polishing cycle of the workpiece, which will automatically stop the polishing machine and bring more convenience to the user. Excellent and fast deburring around the workpiece. Including small inner holes, pipe holes and dead corner cracks. Grinding workpiece does not affect the original accuracy; The shape and size will not change. The surface roughness value can reach RA0.1-RA0.01, and the surface shows bright metallic luster. Short time. Each processing time is 5-20 minutes.

4. Easy to operate; Workpieces are processed in batches at one time, with low cost; No pollution; Stainless steel needle is a permanent abrasive material.

5. The finished products of precision parts such as light iron metal, non-ferrous metal and hard plastic, such as deburring, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work, are completed at one time.

6. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead corners, cracks, etc. can be abrasive processed.

7. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost, no consumables.

8. The finished product will not deform, damage the surface and affect the accuracy after processing.

9. Complete machine, special machine can be designed.

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