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Introduction to atomized stainless steel shot

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Introduction to atomized stainless steel shot

Introduction to atomized stainless steel shot:

Stainless steel shot blasting, also known as stainless steel shot blasting, stainless steel round wire shot blasting, stainless steel wire shot blasting and stainless steel wire shot blasting, is mainly used for surface shot blasting, sand blasting, shot blasting, shot peening forming, finishing, strengthening, matting, correction, paint spraying and anti-corrosion of stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy die castings and copper alloy parts. The production methods of atomized stainless steel shot can be divided into two categories. At present, the recognized production method is casting atomized stainless steel shot through melt spray cooling (English name: Cast atomized stainless steel shot); (The second type of stainless steel wire shot production method, English name: "stainless steel wire shot", literal translation: "passivated stainless steel wire shot" passivation represents the angular circles at both ends of the cylinder; stainless steel wire represents raw materials; cutting shot represents cutting) The second production method is stainless steel wire cutting, stainless steel round shot, and atomized stainless steel shot.

The second type of stainless steel shot blasting method, English name: "stainless steel wire cutting shot", literal translation: "passivated stainless steel shot blasting", passivation represents cylindrical angular arc; Stainless steel wire represents raw materials; Bolus means cut. The cast stainless steel pellets obtained by atomization cooling are mainly cut by stainless steel wires, and then produced G1, G2, G3 stainless steel round pellets in batches. As early as the 1980s, there were about 7 enterprises (4 in China) using one method at home and abroad, and about 40 enterprises (35 in China, concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing, etc.) using the second method. Toughness is stronger, it is not easy to break, and its service life is much higher than that of ordinary steel shot; High hardness, strong impact resistance, can achieve the strength of shot peening (shot peening) in a faster and shorter time; When selecting better shot peening equipment, reasonable shot peening process and steel bar shot peening on the surface of the workpiece can obtain cyclic strain hardening structure, and introduce optimized residual stress field on the surface. At the same time, lower surface roughness can be obtained on the outer surface, thus improving the fatigue life of the workpiece; Steel bar shot blasting can bring higher shot blasting quality and significantly improve the cleaning efficiency. Taking conventional spring cleaning and gear cleaning as examples, steel bar shot blasting can significantly improve the efficiency compared with ordinary high carbon steel shot blasting; The higher service life of the atomized stainless steel shot will greatly reduce the dust generated. Compared with the ordinary high steel shot, the dust emission will be significantly reduced, reducing the load of the dust removal system, extending the service life of the dust remover, and reducing the pollution to the environment. It can be called a green steel shot.

Application of atomized stainless steel shot: shot blasting strengthening: strengthening processing of key parts such as spiral spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, gear, transmission element, bearing, camshaft, bending wheel and connecting rod; Large, medium and small castings: clean the surface oxide to make it have good cleanliness and required roughness for subsequent processing and painting; Steel plate pretreatment: used to remove impurities such as scale and rust; Clean mechanical parts of steel structures; Pipeline anti-corrosion: increase the anti-corrosion capacity to achieve the required derusting level and tracing depth.

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