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Operation methods and precautions of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

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Operation methods and precautions of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

Operation methods and precautions of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine

Advantages and disadvantages: The workpiece surface is original metallic luster after being treated by the magnetic mill, with good visual effect; It can also release the internal stress of some workpieces and improve the mechanical properties of workpieces; Strengthen the surface quality of the workpiece and improve the surface performance.

Advantages of stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine:

1. Compared with other polishing equipment such as cloth polishing machine, the magnetic mill can polish the workpiece in batches. After polishing, the screen can be used to separate the workpiece from the steel needle in batches, greatly improving the work efficiency and polishing effect.

2. Stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine is applicable to dead corners such as hardware and small ornaments, and the hole processing effect is good. It can remove dust, remove burrs and improve the surface brightness of products, which is incomparable to other types of polishing equipment.

3. The stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine is easy to operate, and one person can operate multiple equipment at the same time, saving costs.

4. The stainless steel magnetic abrasive needle machine uses polishing liquid and steel needle, with appropriate tap water for batch polishing of workpieces, and acid and alkali free sewage is convenient for treatment.

Disadvantages and defects of traditional grinding machine:

1: Due to the use of stone shaped abrasives, cleaning and polishing of inner holes, concave convex surfaces, dead corners and internal and external threads are not allowed. This can only be superficial treatment.

2: The grinding and polishing time is slow. It usually takes several hours to finish the work.

3: High cost, stone shaped abrasive, which needs to be replaced after a period of polishing.

4: It is easy to damage the workpiece, deform the workpiece and affect the accuracy

Debugging: After the machine is turned on, the workpieces will enter the polishing bucket from less to more. The number of workpieces is related to the weight and size of the workpieces. Therefore, slowly entering the workpieces will increase, and the workpieces will rotate down, but not the workpieces. When the workpieces rotate fixedly, the product of the polishing solution will be uneven, and the polishing time will increase unnecessarily.

Key points for operation: Before polishing, it is necessary to clean the oil stain on the surface of the workpiece. The polishing liquid cannot remove a large amount of oil dirt, otherwise the workpiece, polishing needle, water and polishing bucket will likely turn black. Cleaning solution must be used when cleaning the polishing needle and polishing bucket.

matters needing attention:

1. During the normal operation of the machine, do not take out the polishing bucket or put your hands in the polishing bucket to avoid damaging the machine and hands. After polishing, the workpiece should be dried in time to achieve better results.

2. Do not put water and sundries into the cabinet where polishing bucket is placed in the shelf, and keep the machine clean during shutdown. After each polishing, if it is not used within one or two days, it should be cleaned and stored in a dry place for the next use.

3. If any abnormality is found during operation, stop the machine immediately and put it into operation after finding out the cause. If the reason is unknown, please contact the supplier for solution.

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