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The production and function of atomized stainless steel shot are introduced

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The production and function of atomized stainless steel shot are introduced

The production and function of atomized stainless steel shot are introduced


The atomized stainless steel shot is refined by drawing, cutting, strengthening and other processes. It is produced in strict accordance with VDFI8001/2009 in Germany and SAEJ441 and AMS2431 in the United States. The particle size of the product is average, and the hardness of the product is HV420-520, HV520-600, HV610-670, HV670-740 and HV740-800 respectively; The particle size of the product ranges from 0.2mm to 2.5mm, and the shapes are cylindrical G1, G2 and G3 respectively. The service life is 3500 to 9600 cycles.

Quality index:

The raw materials of atomized stainless steel shot are new steel wires of Baosteel and Shagang. Its chemical composition determines its high quality materials and high mechanical properties. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with VDFI8001/2009 of Germany and SAEJ441 of the United States. AMS2431 scale production ensures that all steel balls produced are the same in size, hardness and density height, reduces other impurities in shot blasting materials, determines that there are fewer physical defects in steel bar shot blasting, and has more impact resistant fiber structures, which improves shot blasting efficiency.

service life

The strengthened steel shot has stronger toughness and is not easy to break, so it has long service life, strong impact resistance, can reach the shot strength in a faster and shorter time, and can maintain the shot strength better and longer; The consumption is lower during use, and the service life is 3-4 times longer than that of ordinary specifications.

When good shot peening equipment and reasonable shot peening process are selected, the selection of large Qi reinforced steel shot can obtain regenerative strain hardening on the surface and microstructure of the workpiece, and introduce an optimized residual compressive stress field. At the same time, a lower surface roughness can be obtained on the surface, which can increase the fatigue life of the workpiece after machining by more than 30%.

Cleaning efficiency

Strengthening steel shot can improve the quality of shot peening and the cleaning efficiency. Taking conventional spring cleaning and gear cleaning as an example, compared with ordinary shot blasting of high carbon steel, the efficiency of shot blasting of reinforced steel is improved by more than 50%.

Dust emission

The higher service life of the atomized stainless steel shot will greatly reduce the dust generated. Compared with the ordinary high steel shot, the dust emission will be reduced by at least 30%, reducing the dust removal system, extending the service life of the dust remover, and reducing the pollution to the environment. It is a real green steel shot.

Main purpose of

Used for shot blasting cleaning and strengthening of metal parts. Improve the fatigue life of metal parts.

application area

It is mainly used in aerospace, national defense, military industry, nuclear industry, wind power generation industry, automobile, motorcycle, shipbuilding, transmission device, spring industry and other industrial metal surface treatment fields. In the process of forming steel pellets with liquid metal, its chemical composition and particle size shall be strictly controlled to ensure that its mechanical properties are suitable for various uses of steel pellets. After high temperature heat treatment, steel particles are broken into cast steel sand, and sand particles of various specifications are screened out by the automatic screening system.

The shot blasting steel shot is not really shot blasting. Of course, some industries are different. For example, the ship industry uses real steel shot for shot blasting and metal ore for sand blasting (not river sand quartz sand).

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