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What are the advantages of aluminum shot? How to prevent rust? How are aluminum pellets made?

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What are the advantages of aluminum shot? How to prevent rust? How are aluminum pellets made?

Aluminum shot is a kind of spherical particles made of special materials by special heat treatment. Everyone has used it and knows its performance. There is also an aluminum shot, namely aluminum shot. The performance of this aluminum shot is different. The following will introduce you to the specific performances.

Different aluminum shot has different properties and advantages. The advantages of aluminum shot are analyzed as follows:

1. Aluminum shot is characterized by bright appearance and no rust.

2. There are no pores and pores, and the organizational uniformity is good. Castings will not be polluted after shot peening, and aluminum shot is more wear-resistant.

3. Its service life is longer than other aluminum shot. It can be recycled for 3000~3500 times, which is not as fast as other aluminum shot in use, but it will slowly wear and become dust in the process of recycling.

4. Very useful. Almost any workpiece can be treated with aluminum shot, especially in some shipbuilding, mold, casting, steel plants and other enterprises.

It can be seen from the production process of aluminum shot that it has a better use effect, which usually depends on the quality of the product itself. When it comes to quality, we should pay attention not only to the methods in production, but also to the methods in use. After long-term use, if not maintained in time, it is likely to rust, which has a great impact on our use. Now, let's learn about the rust removal method of aluminum shot.

1. The sand blasting and rust removal system with alloy steel ball as the main material is mainly composed of compressed air, auxiliary tank, spray gun, iron ball recovery device and ventilation and dust removal equipment.

2. When in use, compressed air enters the air distribution tank after being separated by oil and water, part of it enters the shot blasting barrel, and part of it passes through the filter for the operator to breathe.

3. Driven by compressed air, the steel sand in the alloy steel shot peening cylinder enters the spray gun through the guide tube and is sprayed on the workpiece surface from the nozzle.

4. The shot dan shot falls into the shot pit through the screen, and is recycled and then input into the dan shot barrel for reuse.

5. The dust generated by the aluminum shot rust removal equipment is sucked into the dust removal equipment by the fan and then discharged into the atmosphere.

If there is rust, we need to take the correct solution, and then we need to strictly follow the steps in the operation process.

The application of aluminum shot in the casting industry and the pretreatment of steel plate are widely used in the casting industry. After the workpiece is taken out of the mold, the sand on the surface of the workpiece is removed. When used with suitable equipment, it is an abrasive with good surface cleanliness due to its durability.

The manufacturing process of aluminum shot is: first melt the steel block, then spray the molten steel with high-pressure water to form fine particles, reheat and uniformly purify the formed pellets, and then quench. After quenching, the pellets are dried, reheated and tempered in the smelting furnace to reach the applicable hardness. The tempered aluminum shot is divided into different grades and other products by mechanical screening. Products with different particle sizes and hardness are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening.

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