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What are the hardness indexes of aluminum shot? What factors affect its water pump and how is it made?

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What are the hardness indexes of aluminum shot? What factors affect its water pump and how is it made?

Aluminum shot has moderate hardness, strong toughness, service life of 2000-2900 times, low consumption, no damage, fast cleaning speed and good technical effect. In the process of use, its hardness is required to meet the established standards. What are its hardness indicators?

Brinell hardness

Press the aluminum shot with a certain diameter into the surface of the sample under a certain pressure, stay for a period of time, then remove the pressure and measure the area of the indentation. The smaller the indentation, the greater the resistance to plastic deformation (i.e. hardness), the greater the hardness, and the smaller the hardness, which is represented by "HB".

Rockwell hardness

Under the specified pressure environment, the alloy steel dan shot or diamond indenter is pressed vertically into the surface to produce indentation, and the indentation depth is tested. Rockwell hardness can be calculated by Rockwell hardness calculation formula HR=(k-h)/c. Generally, the deeper the indentation, the higher the hardness of aluminum shot. For example, HRC60 refers to the indentation depth of the specimen is 0.08mm when using a diamond cone indenter with a tip angle of 120 degrees under a test load of 150kg.

The quality requirements of aluminum shot are very high. Therefore, the manufacturer should strictly follow the standard when formulating, and its hardness index is only a direct method to judge the product quality and hardness.

The factors affecting the consumption of aluminum shot are as follows:

1. Ejection speed of aluminum shot;

2. Equipment adjustment (ejection angle and distance; workpiece placement density; dust remover air volume; separator adjustment);

3. Arc height requirements for reinforcement works.

4. Workpiece hardness Cleanliness of workpieces after cleaning;

5. Sand adhesion or corrosion grade.

When using aluminum shot, if it is excessively consumed, the equipment should be adjusted in time to avoid possible problems in time, improve work efficiency and save a lot of trouble.

The service life of aluminum shot is 3000-3500 times, and it can be recycled for many times. Repeated use will wear and slowly turn into powder.

Aluminum shot can be produced according to customer requirements, that is to say, it can be customized. This is because the manufacturing process can determine their size. As for how to make them? Now let's take a look.

It acts on the surface of the workpiece to make the surface of the workpiece reach a certain roughness and make the workpiece beautiful, or change the welding tensile stress of the workpiece into compressive stress, so as to extend the service life of the workpiece. It can be used in most mechanical production fields.

In the metal processing industry, shot blasting machine is a common metal surface treatment equipment. It uses a shot blasting machine to throw aluminum shot and other abrasive products onto the metal surface at a high speed. Under the action of force, the metal surface is cleaned in a series to meet the standard requirements.

It uses a shot blasting machine to complete the whole process, which is called shot blasting. Shot blasting refers to that small steel balls or iron balls are thrown by high-speed rotating impeller and hit the surface of parts at high speed, which can remove the oxide layer on the surface of parts. At the same time, aluminum shot or tie shot strikes the part surface at a high speed, causing lattice deformation and increasing surface hardness, which is a method of cleaning the part surface. Shot peening is usually used to clean the casting surface or strengthen the part surface.

When using aluminum shot, its quality determines its service life, and its hardness is proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed, the faster the consumption and the shorter the service life. Its manufacturing process determines its different dimensions. The larger the diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but compared with it, the higher the working efficiency, the greater the wear.

Aluminum shot is very useful for any workpiece. The manufacturing process will determine its size, and the quality of finished dan pills will directly affect its service life. Therefore, only by taking it seriously during manufacturing can it be helpful for later use.

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