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What is the effect of atomized stainless steel shot?

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What is the effect of atomized stainless steel shot?

What is the effect of atomized stainless steel shot?

Atomized stainless steel shot is widely used for shot blasting of non-ferrous metal castings such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and stainless steel castings. It can highlight the luster of metal materials without rusting or discoloring the surface of castings. After atomized stainless steel shot polishing, the casting is smooth and uniform, without rust, and has matt effect. No cleaning, pickling and other procedures are required. The shot peening of stainless steel is in the shape of ball, with good fluidity, which is conducive to machine circulation, ensuring that the shot peening process can conduct high coverage treatment on the casting surface, and can cover the defects such as scratches, bumps, and mold cracks on the workpiece surface.

Through various mechanical tests, the atomized stainless steel shot has no air holes, so the stainless steel shot has a long service life. After processing, the workpiece surface is bright and rusty, which is an ideal shot blasting for non-ferrous alloy castings and stainless steel investment castings. Atomized stainless steel shot casting machinery: shot blasting cleaning equipment, environmental protection and dust removal equipment, resin sand production line complete equipment, water glass sand complete equipment, sand blasting and rust removal equipment. All equipment shall be designed and manufactured according to environmental protection machinery manufacturing standards.

According to VDFI 8001/2009 of Germany and SAE J441 and AMS2431 of the United States, the stainless steel materials are heated and melted into liquid metal in the furnace, and then the liquid metal is poured into the atomizer. The high pressure and high speed atomizing medium is sprayed out of the atomizing nozzle, so that the molten metal liquid is impacted and dispersed into countless small metal droplets. Metal droplets condense into metal particles during flight and landing, which is called atomized stainless steel shot. According to the specific process and advanced secondary screening filtration technology, the broken and hollow small particles are removed to obtain complete and solid steel ball small particles; Through the advanced double screening filtration process, no impurities, irrelevant specifications and other substances are mixed in the lump, so as to obtain a solid, bright color, uniform particle size atomized steel ball. Supporting accessories: wear parts and wear-resistant parts of shot blasting machine, sand mixer and sand treatment equipment. Materials: cast steel shot, steel wire shot, stainless steel shot, prismatic sand, aluminum shot. The appearance is bright, the hardness is moderate, and the surface is complete, which can strengthen the workpiece substrate, cover up defects, highlight the metal color of the workpiece, and show a matt effect. It is not easy to rust, so as to ensure that the surface is clean;

The smaller size of atomized steel shot can reach 0.1mm, which has quite outstanding advantages compared with other steel shot products, and the workpiece sprayed with atomized stainless steel shot does not need pickling to remove rust. In line with the new marketing concept, the company provides consultation and service for users with professional design, professional manufacturing, professional quality, professional equipment maintenance team, and professional reputation. With more perfect products and services, the company wholeheartedly cooperates with domestic and foreign merchants to seek common development. We warmly welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to call us for consultation and patronage.

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