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What is the production process of stainless steel shot?

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What is the production process of stainless steel shot?

What is the production process of stainless steel shot?

Stainless steel shot is widely used for surface shooting treatment. It is used to treat the surface lens blankets of non productive metal castings (such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc.). They can rust and discolor actors. At the same time, stainless steel powder has a long life, high processing rate, small grinding equipment and product performance can completely replace imported products. The price is obviously lower than that of imported products, saving costs for customers and reducing production costs. What is the production process of stainless steel pills?

What is the production process of stainless steel shot?

1. The casting surface with stainless steel shot is smooth rather than rusty. No need for picking and other treatments, which is conducive to environmental protection. At present, this series of products are widely used in the non productive metal casting industry. Automobiles, motorcycles, shipbuilding, aviation, steel plates, steel cylinders, steel structures, metallurgical machinery and other fields have been strengthened.

2. It is reported that stainless steel powder, as a kind of easy European material with easy surface treatment, is in great demand last year. Stainless steel medicine was occupied by companies in Germany, the United States and other countries at the beginning of 2000 or before 2000 or before 2000. After 2000, some domestic companies began to produce stainless steel medicine by themselves. Now, many Chinese companies are using the method of gasification to produce stainless steel pills. With the increase of domestic stainless steel pill production companies, the price of stainless steel pills has decreased year by year, and the scope of use continues to expand, with the dosage of more than one year.

3. At present, the production companies of stainless steel pills in China mainly focus on the following: Jiangsu and Zheng Ange, and the company also plans to produce stainless steel pills in other places. Most companies that want to make stainless steel pills used to be produced by abrasives and know the market situation of stainless steel pills. Some are agents of foreign companies. Because they have users, they sell their stainless steel medicine products.

4. The production technology of stainless steel shot is not complicated. The investment in main shot equipment can exceed 100000. The price of equipment is not more expensive than ordinary machine tools. However, as a new steel shot production process, the manufacturer must have risks when introducing this technology. Do not touch the project without risk preparation.

5. The domestic production of stainless steel shot is an early manufacturer of steel casting powder in Changzhou. Use the water spray method. Steel surface and more hollow drugs, especially hollow drugs, have problems, which have a great impact on the quality of products. I hope that the less, the better. In the future, some manufacturers use the turntable method to produce stainless steel shot and have also succeeded, but the oxidation problem of steel shot and the income of steel shot are not ideal. The oxidation of stainless steel medicine is protected and improved when it is transferred to the pill by nitrogen.

6. The income rate is a process problem related to the overheating of metal, the speed of rotary table, the composition of liquid steel and the flow, and process parameters can be obtained by adjusting process parameters. Although there are sporadic materials from abroad, it is unbelievable to use foreign water spray method to make stainless steel medicine, but the specific process method is still unclear. The stainless steel medicine manufactured through exploration is not ideal. According to the experience of producing stainless steel metal powder, when you want to obtain ball powder, this is an inevitable choice. More than ten years ago, a special manufacturer of stainless steel powder for household use had been established, but the spherical stainless steel powder produced was used to manufacture raw materials for filter elements.

7. The fire reactor of stainless steel shot used in oxygen acetylene welding equipment is the core component of stainless steel fire pipe formed by spherical stainless steel powder. This component is equivalent to the pipe made of metal car cotton material. At that time, when the flame stops on the wall, it will extinguish naturally to prevent fire and ensure the safety of welding operation. Due to the separation of mountains, although more than ten years ago, some companies in the abrasive industry were spherical stainless steel powder, called stainless steel shot. No one in the abrasive industry knows this. Which method can be used to produce stainless steel shot, or people have been looking for, finding and confirming that the method of using aerosol method is to produce stainless steel shot.

8. Select gas to produce stainless steel shot. For companies that produce steel shot in the original teacher, only the atomization equipment needs to be added. It is not big, but it has increased a profit growth point. Therefore, many steel casting shot production companies are considering this plan, and some companies have taken action.

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