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Jiangyin Hengpin Metal Abrasie Co. Ltd
           Jiangyin Hengpin Metal Abrasives Co., Ltd.: It is a company that produces metal abrasives. The main products are stainless steel shot, alloy steel shot, atomized stainless steel shot, aluminum shot, steel ball, stainless steel ball, abrasive and so on. the

1. Cut stainless steel shot: It is produced through more than ten processes such as casting, forging, rolling, wire drawing, hydrogen annealing, water tank drawing, cutting shot, and rounding. The internal structure is dense and durable. Stainless steel shot is widely used in surface shot blasting of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other non-ferrous metal castings and stainless steel castings. It can highlight the luster of metal materials. Castings polished by stainless steel shots have a smooth, uniform, rust-free, and matte effect, and there is no need for any cleaning, pickling and other processes. The stainless steel shot is in the shape of a bead, with good fluidity, which is beneficial to the internal circulation of the machine, which ensures that this blasting process can perform high-efficiency and high-coverage surface treatment on the surface of the casting, and can cover up defects on the surface of the workpiece such as scratches, bumps, etc. Injuries, mold cracks. After various mechanical tests, the stainless steel shot has the characteristics of no pores, so the service life of the stainless steel shot is long, and the surface of the workpiece is bright and rust-free after processing. Ideal for shot blasting. the

2. Atomized stainless steel shot: refined by atomization process. The appearance is bright, rust-free, round, widely used in the surface blasting treatment of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other workpieces. It has a matte effect on the processed workpieces, highlights the natural color of the metal, and does not rust, and does not need acid Washing and derusting treatment, in line with environmental protection requirements, is a non-polluting shot blasting material. And the wear resistance is 3-5 times that of casting. Production costs can be reduced. This product is widely used in non-ferrous metal die castings, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle parts, building materials and other industries for descaling, rust prevention, etching, enhanced shot blasting and sandblasting. After cleaning, it can eliminate product surface defects Highlight the true color of the metal. Make the surface of the product smooth, bright and have a matte effect. the

3. Alloy steel shot: also known as cast steel shot, there are high carbon steel shot (high carbon cast steel shot) and low carbon steel shot (low carbon cast steel shot is also commonly known as bainite steel shot). After smelting at -1650°C, use centrifugal atomization granulation or water impact atomization granulation, drying, screening, packaging, etc. to obtain metal abrasives. There are many types of steel shot (high carbon steel shot, low carbon steel shot), which are used for shot blasting and strengthening of steel, castings, forgings and heat treatment parts. Such as the general manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, machinery, metallurgy, automobile, steel structure, railway and other industries, all need such metal abrasives. the

          At present, this series of products are widely used in the strengthening process treatment of automobiles, motorcycles, shipbuilding, aviation, steel plates, steel cylinders, steel structures, metallurgical machinery and other fields. the

         Our company sincerely welcomes new and old customers to inquire and solve technical problems together. We will provide users with satisfactory services on the premise of "quality, service and reputation".
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